Friday, 20 November 2009

New Cobras Cobras Cobras!

I actually started writing this entry purely with the intention of linking to a copy of the band's debut EP, since it's now out of print and the band have given me permission to upload it for public consumption (that actually happened ages ago, but I didn't want to post two Cobras Cobras Cobras entries too close together, so I've only just got round to uploading it now), but in doing a bit of research regarding the band's current activities, I've discovered they now have four brand new tracks - 'Wallsaw', 'Hotel California', 'Homeschooled' and 'Four' - available on their MySpace, and naturally I thought it would be churlish not to share. So that's what I've done. Shared. Hooray for you.

Of course, if you still want a copy of that debut EP (it's called Cobras Cobras Cobras Are Zombies, by the way), you can have that too. Just click here.