People who start music blogs are generally knobs. I think pretty much everyone knows this. Once they transcend the role of personal journal, like Stereogum and other similar blogs have managed to do, there is no doubting that music blogs become important musical resources, but really, who the fuck's even going to read icaretoomuchaboutmyownopinion.blogspot.com, never mind want to find out that one more person quite liked Elbow's new album and thought the band were robbed at the Brits. This blog is not like that. There are no(t many) reviews. There are no interviews. Maybe one day, when the delusions of grandeur kick in and I decide that I'm the number one authority on anything and everything related to music, that will change, but for the time being, I simply want to recommend bands I love to people who I think might want to hear them. Starting a blog to do that may have caused a little part of me to die inside, but it still beats ramming SoundCloud links down people's throats every few days in terms of pride-swallowing (not to mention pissing people off).

I try to update often enough for the blog to remain relevant, but not so often that I'm bombarding people with so many bands that... well, that they feel the need to apply their own discretion. A recommendation is a great and weighty thing, and I have no desire to dilute that. I also have no intention of updating on a regular basis. If I discover three truly great bands in a week, I shall post three times in that week; if I discover no truly great bands the following month, then I won't post at all. That's how it works. So it would probably be best if you checked back every few weeks or so. You know, when you have that "Hey, I haven't checked Days Like Television for a while!" feeling. Don't put it in your diary or anything. Also, don't feel obliged to read any of what I say. I usually write a paragraph or two about each band I recommend, but if you don't want to read it, don't bother. I probably wouldn't. It's the music that's important, not what I have to say about it.

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