Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New Muscles!

Dispute with record label now seemingly over, Muscles is set to release his first new music since 2007's Guns Babes Lemonade, in the shape of 5-track EP, Younger & Immature. Five tracks. Don't push yourself Muscles, yeah? It'll see the light of day on October 29th through Modular. (PS – I fucking LOVE the cover.)

The first (and probably only. How many singles usually get released from EPs? One? Two? I'd release one. I think that would be the wisest business model) single from the EP, 'Girl Crazy Go', had its premiere on Triple J a few days ago, and since I couldn't find it anywhere else on the internet, I've created a rip to save you going through all their podcasts yourself. Seeing as that's only a couple of centimetres down, I won't bother telling you what it sounds like, just... you know... listen.

  Muscles – Girl Crazy Go (radio rip)